NLMK Group is a vertically integrated steelmaking company, largest in Russia and one of the most efficient in the world. NLMK Group’s steel products are used in various industries, from construction and machine building to the manufacturing of power-generation equipment and offshore wind turbines.

NLMK assets are located in Russia, Europe, and USA. The Group companies employ about 53 thousand people. The Company’s steel production capacity exceeds 17 million tonnes per year.


Due to self-sufficiency in major raw materials and energy and high technological level of equipment, NLMK is one of the most efficient and profitable steelmaking companies in the world. The Company actively invests in ecological projects, thus, reducing negative influence on the environment in the regions where it operates and aims at compliance with the highest ecological standards. NLMK Group creates safe working conditions through process improvements, professional trainings for its employees and applying the best global standards in occupational health and safety.

Sergey Chebotaryov NLMK Vice President for Energy and Environment
NLMK group decided to participate in the GreenTech startup Booster, the first Russian platform for environmental startups. This project will help unite the efforts of businesses, research centers and developers to promote new "green" technologies in the industry. Working together will reduce the time spent on searching for, evaluating, and further implementing promising environmental ideas. Participation in the program of leading companies from various industries will undoubtedly improve the quality of project selection. The booster accumulates a large number of solutions, from which we can choose the most suitable one for specific tasks of our company. The most successful ideas of the booster participants will be tested in industrial conditions at NLMK Group's production sites around the world. Communication with colleagues and authors of unique ideas will help our specialists find new partners, expand their competencies and gain practical skills in the course of innovative and environmental projects. NLMK group is one of the industry leaders in terms of implementing environmental innovations. Our company supports advanced ideas to improve the quality of air, water and soil, reduce the consequences of man-made impact on the environment. We already achieved Russian indicators of the best available technologies and by 2023 we are planning to reach the level of EU best available technologies by way of implementing new environmental projects. GreenTech Startup Booster will expand our ability to find and implement new innovative technologies.

Experts of the GreenTech Startup Booster:

Sergey Chebotaryov
NLMK Vice President for Energy and Environment
Kirill K. Yartsev
Project Manager/Office of Vice President for Energy
Nikita I. Vorobyev
Director for Environment
Antonina V. Nesova
Head of functional area/ Directorate for environment
Sergey N. Evseyev
Head of Industrial Ecology Department