The Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) was founded in 2001 and currently unites enterprises located in Russia, Romania and Kazakhstan. The company is the largest producer of steel pipes in Russia and one of the three global leaders in the pipe business. In 2019, TMK opened a scientific and technical center in Skolkovo, which became the main center for the management and development of R&D in the company. There is a unique research and test equipment that has no analogues in Russia.

TMK is a responsible user of natural resources and pursues the most transparent environmental policy. Reducing the impact on the environment is one of the key priorities of the company's strategic development. TMK is making significant efforts to ensure environmental safety at its enterprises, implementing a comprehensive environmental program. In addition to technical measures aimed at protecting atmospheric air, water bodies, lands and the rational use of natural resources, TMK's environmental agenda includes landscaping, land reclamation, planting trees, cleaning the shorelines of water bodies, as well as various educational activities aimed at increasing environmental literacy company employees.


At the end of 2019, TMK updated its environmental policy taking into account the world's best practices and initiatives in the field of environmental protection. The new environmental policy of the company is focused on more effective monitoring and management of environmental risks. In particular, the company minimizes the generation of production waste, while increasing the proportion of recycled waste, and also uses natural resources and energy rationally and economically. TMK is fully open to dialogue on environmental impact issues and is ready to discuss them with stakeholders.

Igor Korytko General Director of TMK
Creating an environment for a safe, comfortable and environmentally safe life is one of the three key areas in which TMK is building an ecosystem in the regions of its presence. It also includes a high-tech industrial environment, educational and scientific environment. All these areas are interconnected. The introduction of innovative technologies and the improvement (including from an environmental point of view) of industrial capacities allows TMK to be competitive and produce high-quality products, providing a positive financial result. This, in turn, allows us to actively work in such areas as scientific research, training future personnel, creating decent conditions for employees and the population of the regions where the company operates

Experts of the GreenTech Startup Booster:

Sergey Chikalov
Deputy General Director for Scientific and Technical Development and Technical Sales
Igor Pyshmintsev
General Director of LLC STC TMK, General Director of OJSC RosNITI