HELYX Group has been producing a wide range of products and equipment for more than 15 years, has a successful experience in implementing large infrastructure projects in the field of industrial water treatment, wastewater treatment, improving the quality of drinking water for the population, environmental improvement of water bodies, effective management of production and consumption waste, reducing the level of air pollution.

HELYX is a partner of the Skolkovo Foundation and has a joint startup with the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech). It has 4 production sites and an SK BIO LAB based on Skolkovo.


The nearest plans include the construction of an ecological center, which will be equipped with the latest laboratories and experimental facilities. This allows engineers, designers and designers to develop innovative solutions and conduct experiments in no time. The result is new energy efficiency products that will reduce energy costs for businesses and improve people's lives.


Sergey Abramenko Helyx CEO
We care about the environment, save money for enterprises and make people's lives more comfortable. Our team of more than 300 specialists has been developing and integrating solutions in the field of environmental protection for 15 years: water treatment, water treatment, recycling water supply, waste disposal and air purification. When I found out about the launch of the program, I decided that we would definitely participate in it. Our solutions reduce harmful emissions and reduce energy costs for businesses through the reuse of resources. This is a circular economy, the popularization of which will reduce pollution and make people's lives safer. This is a complex, complex task that requires a deep understanding of industry issues, as well as knowledge of technology, technical solutions, IT and legislation. The GreenTech Startup Booster program will allow us to attract developers of innovative solutions, expand contacts not only with domestic, but also with international experts, involving representatives of different industries. I expect this collaboration will result in new high-tech companies entering the market that will help make a breakthrough in energy efficiency

Experts of the GreenTech Startup Booster:

Evgeny Krasheninin
Deputy General Director
Maxim Silkin
Head of Water Treatment Department
Vitaly Zaprometov
Director of the Department of Water Treatment
Kirill Manukhin
Head of Energy Efficiency
Dubeau Daniil
Environmental Engineer