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Acceptance of applications is over
Ready-made solutions
Innovative equipment manufacturers
Scientific teams

Requirements for applicants

Technology / product at the finished prototype stage or above
Priority for projects ready for implementation within a year at least as part of a pilot
Formed team
Preference for Applicants Representing an Existing Legal Entity

Why participate

Participation in the program is free!
  • Pilot project with leading corporations
  • Attracting investments for business growth
  • Independent expertise from leading scientific and business experts
  • Rapid market entry Russian and international
  • Direct dialogue with top management of the largest corporations
  • Mentoring and financial support from the Skolkovo Foundation

Technological focus

Clean Water
Reducing industrial discharges to water bodies, limiting damage to humans and the environment, recycling and recycling of waste
Clean Water
  • Water treatment, water preparation, water disposal
  • Environmental rehabilitation of water bodies
  • Utilization of sludge from biological treatment facilities
  • Utilization and secondary use of technical liquids
  • Drainage water treatment and use
  • Automatic means of control of discharges and the digitalization of water supply process
  • Other new solutions to reduce discharges to water bodies and catchment areas and limit damage from them
Clean Air
Declining of industrial emissions into atmospheric air and limitation of damage from emissions to humans and the environment, reuse of gaseous emissions
Clean Air
  • Ventilation, air cleaning, air disinfection, air quality improving
  • Reduction and monitoring of pollutant emissions
  • Reducing and monitoring emissions of pollutants from transport
  • Reduction and monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Recycling of industrial gases, capture and processing of combustion products
  • Automatic regulation of equipment operating modes to reduce emissions of harmful substances and automatic emission controls
  • Other new solutions to reduce air emissions and limit damage from them
Clean land
Reducing industrial pollution of subsoil and soil, limiting damage from their pollution, recycling and recycling of waste
Clean land
  • Collection, processing, and disposal of solid household waste
  • Processing of metallurgical slag and sludge
  • Processing of oily scale
  • Fuel slag processing
  • Processing of oil sludge and other waste of oil refining and petrochemicals
  • Monitoring of infrastructure integrity, prevention and elimination of oil and oil products spills
  • Disposal of drilling waste
  • Recycling of polymers (including rubber products) and plastics
  • Processing of lubricants and coolants
  • Processing of mining waste (including "empty" rocks and slurries)
  • Recultivation and environmental rehabilitation of waste disposal facilities
  • Waste collection and processing logistics
  • Disposal of dismantled buildings and structures
  • The accomplishment and gardening of territories
  • Other new solutions to reduce the pollution of subsoil and soil by industrial enterprises and limit the damage caused by it
Clean energy
Environmentally friendly energy generation, transport; energy efficient systems of electricity and heat supply, lighting; energy storage systems
Clean energy
  • Wind and solar energy technologies
  • Hydrogen technologies for energy generation, storage and transport
  • Utilization of low-potential energy sources
  • Biofuels (biodiesel, bioethanol, biogas, etc.)
  • Energy-efficient heat systems
  • Energy-efficient lighting and power supply systems
  • Digital solutions for improving energy efficiency
  • Other clean energy sources and systems for transport, electricity and heat supply
Environmental monitoring
Technologies, equipment, materials, software for integrated monitoring and forecasting of the state of the environment
Environmental monitoring
  • Monitoring, control and analysis of the state of the environment, emissions and discharges
  • Engineering and environmental surveys and research
  • Environmental forecasting systems
  • Systems for predicting and preventing impact on biological diversity
Human and the environment
Promotion of environmentally responsible behavior of people and society, ensuring human safety at work
Human and the environment
  • Encouraging eco-friendly behavior of residents
  • Ensuring a safe working environment
  • Digital technologies for ecology, health and safety
  • Assessment and analysis of the perception of companies in the context of ecology

Stages of the program

Acceptance of applications is over
Examination of applications
till November 2
Diagnostics of projects
till December 6
Final selection
till December 7
Development of pilot projects with program partners
December - March
valentin Parmon - фото - 1
Valentin Parmon
Doctor of Chemistry, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Laureate of the State Prize of Russia (2009). Member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Skolkovo Foundation
yakovlev Vadim - фото - 1
Yakovlev Vadim
Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Deputy Director of the Institute of Catalysis of the SB RAS for scientific work
mazhuga Alexander - фото - 1
Mazhuga Alexander
Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor of the D.Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia
alexey Kokorin - фото - 1
Alexey Kokorin
Director of the Climate and Energy Program WWF
arnaud Le Voll - фото - 1
Arnaud Le Voll
Head, Concern "Total" in Russia; General Director, Total Exploration Development Russia
dimitri Pissarenko - фото - 1
Dimitri Pissarenko
Vice President for Research and Innovation, Total
sergey Chikalov - фото - 1
Sergey Chikalov
Deputy General Director for Scientific and Technical Development and Technical Sales TMK
igor Pyshmintsev - фото - 1
Igor Pyshmintsev
General Director of LLC STC TMK, General Director of OJSC RosNITI
azat Khabibrakhmanov - фото - 1
Azat Khabibrakhmanov
Deputy General Director for Industrial Safety, Labor Protection and Environment, TATNEFT
petr Kubarev - фото - 1
Petr Kubarev
Head of the department - deputy head of the department of industrial, environmental safety and labor protection, TATNEFT
evgeny Krasheninin - фото - 1
Evgeny Krasheninin
Deputy General Director, HELYX
maxim Silkin - фото - 1
Maxim Silkin
Head of Water Treatment Department, HELYX
vitaly Zaprometov - фото - 1
Vitaly Zaprometov
Director of the Department of Water Treatment, HELYX
kirill Manukhin - фото - 1
Kirill Manukhin
Head of Infrastructure Projects Department, HELYX
dubeau Daniil - фото - 1
Dubeau Daniil
Environmental Engineer, HELYX
guy Eames - фото - 1
Guy Eames
Chairman of the Green Building Council RuGBC
georgy Safonov - фото - 1
Georgy Safonov
Ph.D., Director of the Center for Environmental and Natural Economics resources of the Higher School of Economics; Associate Professor at the Department of World Economy, National Research University Higher School of Economics; expert of the United Nations Development Program; member of working groups on climate and environmental policy Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, Ministry of Energy, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Business Russia; expert of the Council on the transition to a "green" economy under the President Republic of Kazakhstan; expert of delegations at international negotiations under the auspices of the UNFCCC with 1999 year
daria Borisova - фото - 1
Daria Borisova
SIBUR Management Board Member – Executive Director
maxim Remchukov - фото - 1
Maxim Remchukov
Head of the Sustainable Development Function, SIBUR
dmitriy Stepkin - фото - 1
Dmitriy Stepkin
Head of Сorporate R&D (Strategic innovations), SIBUR
gainullin Anas - фото - 1
Gainullin Anas
Director of the Occupational health and Industrial Safety Function, SIBUR
ruslan Muslimov - фото - 1
Ruslan Muslimov
Head of the Environmental Protection Division of the Department for the Implementation of the Operations and Industrial Safety Management) System (OSM), Gazprom Neft
alexander Rybin - фото - 1
Alexander Rybin
Head of the Environmental Safety Risk Division of the Health and Safety Department, Gazprom Neft
violetta Fayrushina - фото - 1
Violetta Fayrushina
Head of Product Management of the corporate function of the BPLS, Gazprom Neft
andrey Petrukhin - фото - 1
Andrey Petrukhin
Head of the Division of Innovative Development of the Department of Strategy and Innovation, Gazprom Neft
oleg Kosmenyuk - фото - 1
Oleg Kosmenyuk
Deputy General Director - Director for Generation Enel Russia
nikola Rossi - фото - 1
Nikola Rossi
Head of Innovation – Global Power Generation Enel
gioacchino Bellia - фото - 1
Gioacchino Bellia
Head of Start up and Open Innovation, Innovation Global Power Generation Enel
olga Maslova - фото - 1
Olga Maslova
Senior Innovation Manager Enel Russia
maria Shipitsina - фото - 1
Maria Shipitsina
Head of Sustainable Development Departmentна Enel Russia
augustin Chabrol - фото - 1
Augustin Chabrol
Open Innovation Analyst, EDF
gonzague Flutsch - фото - 1
Gonzague Flutsch
Project manager, EDF
ksenia Syrtseva - фото - 1
Ksenia Syrtseva
Open Innovation Expert, EDF
valéry Prunier - фото - 1
Valéry Prunier
Open Innovation Director-Europe & International, EDF
sergey Chebotaryov - фото - 1
Sergey Chebotaryov
NLMK Vice President for Energy and Environment
sergey N. Evseyev - фото - 1
Sergey N. Evseyev
Head of Industrial Ecology Department, NLMK
antonina V. Nesova - фото - 1
Antonina V. Nesova
Head of functional area/ Directorate for environment, NLMK
nikita I. Vorobyev - фото - 1
Nikita I. Vorobyev
Director for Environment, NLMK
kirill K. Yartsev - фото - 1
Kirill K. Yartsev
Project Manager/Office of Vice President for Energy, NLMK
andrey Laptev - фото - 1
Andrey Laptev
Director of Business Development and Corporate Venture Projects, Severstal
dmitry Gorbachev - фото - 1
Dmitry Gorbachev
Business System Development Director, Severstal Management JSC, Severstal
olga Kalashnikova - фото - 1
Olga Kalashnikova
Head of the Ecology Department, Severstal
mikhail Belov - фото - 1
Mikhail Belov
Chief Ecologist, Severstal
renata Efremova - фото - 1
Renata Efremova
Manager of water protection activities, Severstal
vladimir Litvinov - фото - 1
Vladimir Litvinov
Manager of the organization of air protection activities, Severstal
svetlana Sukhova - фото - 1
Svetlana Sukhova
Manager of the organization of waste management activities, Severstal
elena Meshcheryakova - фото - 1
Elena Meshcheryakova
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Metal Structures, Lipetsk State Technical University
dmitry Kozomazov - фото - 1
Dmitry Kozomazov
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Metal Structures, Lipetsk State Technical University
rizaeva Yulia - фото - 1
Rizaeva Yulia
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the Department of Transport Management, Lipetsk State Technical University
arzamastsev Alexey - фото - 1
Arzamastsev Alexey
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Industrial Energy, Lipetsk State Technical University
zatsepin Evgeniy - фото - 1
Zatsepin Evgeniy
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Electrical Equipment, Lipetsk State Technical University
goncharova Margarita - фото - 1
Goncharova Margarita
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Construction Materials Science and Road Technologies, Lipetsk State Technical University
chmyrev Igor - фото - 1
Chmyrev Igor
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Metallurgical Technologies, Lipetsk State Technical University
bondarenko Antonina - фото - 1
Bondarenko Antonina
Associate Professor of the Department of Chemistry, Lipetsk State Technical University
andriyantseva Svetlana - фото - 1
Andriyantseva Svetlana
к. т. н., доцент кафедры "Химия" Липецкого государственного технического университета
alexander Klimentiev - фото - 1
Alexander Klimentiev
WWF LNG Expert for the Arctic Zone Scientific Supervisor
bessel Valery - фото - 1
Bessel Valery
Professor of the Department of Thermodynamics and Heat Engines of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M. Gubkina, Academician of the International Academy of Sciences of Ecology and Life Safety (MANEB), 2002 Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, 2019
kagramanov Georgy - фото - 1
Kagramanov Georgy
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of the D.Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia
kruchinina Natalia - фото - 1
Kruchinina Natalia
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of the D.Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia
kozlovsky Roman - фото - 1
Kozlovsky Roman
Doctor of Chemistry, Professor, Head of the Department of Chemical Technology of Basic Organic and Petrochemical Synthesis of the D.Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia
elena Gerasimova - фото - 1
Elena Gerasimova
Head of Environmental Protection Service of Salym Petroleum Development N.V.
rafael Usmanov - фото - 1
Rafael Usmanov
General Director of the Union of Industrial and Environmental Safety Specialists
igor Bryzgunov - фото - 1
Igor Bryzgunov
Chairman of the Russian Association of the Wind Industry
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